Life with Spina Bifida

New to Arizona? 

Contact the office for your copy of “Parents of a Child with Spina Bifida” or

“Adults with Spina Bifida”                  602.274.3323 or [email protected]

Connect on

Questions about DISABILITY and/or WORKING?  has AMAZING information in a great format!

Need info about qualifying for government funded services?  is a great place to start!

 Refer someone TO the Spina Bifida Association of AZ!

**Check out local AZ family affected by Spina Bifida as they ‘live intentionally’ on their blog A WORTHY JOURNEY

Click here for the “Super House”- story of a family of five in AZ who are raising two biological sons with Spina Bifida! 

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Goals of Bowel Management

Shunts and Hydrocephalus

Orthopedic Considerations